We have laid the groundwork.

Galway is the most significant development of its kind in the Province. With almost 100 million dollars invested to date, we know how important it is to ensure that Galway is built to last. We have achieved this with state-of-the-art infrastructure.


Our expert development team has ensured that the Business Centre can accommodate every client’s needs, using the highest quality building materials and maintaining elevated standards.

“The whole Galway Business Centre is built to last. The quality is second to none. I would know – I helped build it! The roads, the stormwater detention ponds, the walking trails – they all come together to create a very impressive space.” — Andy Carew, Project Manager, DewCor.

“The whole Galway Business Centre is built to last. The quality is second to none. I would know – I helped build it!”

However, your building and lot are not the only important elements. We have committed to the creation of a strong network of roads, waterways, sewer and stormwater facilities, electricity, and communications technologies to ensure that everything behind the scenes — and essential to your business — functions perfectly.

“One of the main reasons I chose Galway when I made the move to relocate was the attention to detail. The thoughtful design and superior quality of infrastructure are evident everywhere you look. As a business owner, the covenants and master planning mean that any future buildings will retain, or likely increase, the value of my building.” — Wayne Flynn, Owner of Tristar Mechanical

State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

Welcome to a bustling business community.

The infrastructure of the Galway Business Centre is part of a much larger vision: the master-planned community. By being master-planned, the Business Centre is built to last. Knowing that your business is protected by how it was created and what surrounds it will provide peace of mind. You will not have to worry about your investment and whether or not you will find yourself in need of building maintenance due to broken water mains or malfunctioning electricity.

“In an unprecedented manner, Galway is offering business owners the opportunity to protect their investments and secure the well-being of their businesses with master-planned, state-of-the-art features like thoughtful, restrictive covenants and great highway visibility.” — Tom Clift, Memorial University

Building at Galway means investing in the future of your business — and you will be in good company. Your neighbours will be like-minded business owners who value quality and your space will represent your business well as a place of value, vision and tenacity.

With so much developable land in a community with such a strong foundation, the Business Centre is becoming a bustling hub for business in Atlantic Canada.

Built to last.

What will the future bring for the Galway Business Centre? Success, and lots of it.

“The Galway Business Centre is this region’s foremost development. It’s not just a collection of companies on lots in an industrial park — we’ve built a community people want to visit, work, and do business in. We have taken great pains to ensure a quality, sustainable site that will allow businesses to thrive well into the future.” — Danny Williams

“The Galway Business Centre is this region’s foremost development.”

At the Galway Business Centre, your investment is protected. By maintaining a strong commitment to quality, we are building a master-planned community that benefits both our people and the environment and will bring economic growth, jobs, and opportunity to our city and province for years to come.

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The Galway Business Centre: Future Ready.