In the vast province of Newfoundland and Labrador, we all have plenty of space to grow and thrive. The same is especially true for local businesses.

When the owner of Tristar Mechanical, Wayne Flynn, first heard about the Galway Business Centre, he was sold. In summer 2018, Tristar became the first business resident to move to the Galway Business Centre.



When asked why he made the move, Wayne noted his biggest motivation: ease of access.

“No need to worry about traffic congestion, parking or commuting. The Galway Business Centre features roundabouts, accessible highways and thoughtful, well-designed roads. So, my staff and our customers get where they need to be faster than ever. It is obvious Galway was designed with businesses in mind.”

Galway’s master-planned streets and roundabouts reduce congestion, increase safety, and provide ease of access, all of which help businesses like Tristar grow and succeed.

“Having worked on many industrial developments in our region, the Galway Business Centre is unlike any other. Master-planned projects like this one are a pleasure to construct. Ease of access and connectivity to amenities and major arteries is a huge benefit for businesses.” — Sarah, Galway Business Centre Worker.

With so many points of access and additional benefits, the Galway Business Centre is the province’s newest urban industry hub.

Room to grow

This is the third big move for Tristar Mechanical since its inception, and for good reasons — expansion and the need for additional space. At its former location, Tristar had 18,000 square feet, while at the Galway Business Centre it will have 30,000, nearly doubling in size. The new facility will accommodate Tristar’s recent growth, as well as its additional, new equipment. With this move, the team will no longer have to move their machinery outdoors, every single morning, to do work to accommodate the need for additional space.


“Galway is more than the centre of our west end. It’s also the centre of the Avalon Peninsula. The re-centralization of our city means important changes for the future of our region. A business center that is more in sync with the rest of our Island and our off-island access ports will prove to be  a smart investment for businesses operating from this region in the Newfoundland  economy.” — Tom Clift, Associate Professor – Marketing at the Memorial University Faculty of Business.

Future ready

The future of business in St. John’s has never been brighter.

“Strategically placing the Galway Business Centre in the west end bolsters the economic well-being of our city and diversifies its offerings for businesses and citizens alike. We travelled across North America and conducted countless traffic studies to design the most efficient road network possible.” — Danny Williams

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