The Benefits

Ease Of Access

In the vast province of Newfoundland and Labrador, we all have plenty of space to grow and thrive. The same is especially true for local businesses.

When the owner of Tristar Mechanical, Wayne Flynn, first heard about the Galway Business Centre, he was sold. In summer 2018, Tristar became the first business resident to move to the Galway Business Centre.

When asked why he made the move, Wayne noted his biggest motivation: ease of access. Galway’s master-planned streets and roundabouts reduce congestion, increase safety, and provide ease of access, all of which help businesses like Tristar grow and succeed. With so many points of access and additional benefits, the Galway Business Centre is the province’s newest urban industry hub.

Room To Grow

This was the third big move for Tristar Mechanical since its inception, and for good reasons — expansion and the need for additional space. At its former location, Tristar had 18,000 square feet, while at the Galway Business Centre it will have 30,000, nearly doubling in size.

The new facility accommodates Tristar’s recent growth, as well as its additional, new equipment. With this move, the team will no longer have to move their machinery outdoors, every single morning, to do work to accommodate the need for additional space.

“No need to worry about traffic congestion, parking or commuting. The Galway Business Centre features roundabouts, accessible highways and thoughtful, well-designed roads. So, my staff and our customers get where they need to be faster than ever. It is obvious Galway was designed with businesses in mind.”

Wayne Flynn, Tristar Mechanical

“Strategically placing the Galway Business Centre in the west end bolsters the economic well-being of our city and diversifies its offerings for businesses and citizens alike. We travelled across North America and conducted countless traffic studies to design the most efficient road network possible.”

Danny Williams, President

“Galway is more than the centre of our west end. It’s also the centre of the Avalon Peninsula. The re-centralization of our city means important changes for the future of our region. A business centre that is more in sync with the rest of our Island and our off-island access ports will prove to be a smart investment for businesses operating from this region in the Newfoundland economy.”

Tom Clift, Associate Professor of Marketing at the Memorial University Faculty of Business

“Having worked on many industrial developments in our region, the Galway Business Centre is unlike any other. Master-planned projects like this one are a pleasure to construct. Ease of access and connectivity to amenities and major arteries is a huge benefit for businesses.”

Sarah, Galway Business Centre Worker

Customized Aesthetics

Changing the
face of business

What does “customized aesthetics” mean, precisely? It means being a place where buildings fit your vision. It means luscious landscaping, thoughtful design and room to breathe, grow and prosper. It means building a business environment that integrates seamlessly into modern communities — healthy communities.

Many business owners know how it feels when your space is not your own. Someone else owns it or has already owned it; it was built according to their vision, and their name is on the building. Worse still, from the customer’s perspective — navigating maze-like roads in business parks awash in a sea of grey, uninspired storefronts. We’ve all been there. Nothing leaves you less convinced that a great consumer experience awaits therein.

The Galway Business Centre is changing the way we do business by challenging that standard, specifically with customized aesthetics that complement St. John’s diverse population and industries.

“St. John’s is a vibrant, colourful city that prides itself on its unique look. It balances our strong sense of place and heritage with the needs of a modern urban population. This is the essence that we captured in planning and building Galway.”

Danny Williams. President

“When we decided to move, we wanted to build something that felt like us, with a custom look and design. We didn’t want to have to worry about our building looking dated or not having enough space for our growing team. That’s why we chose to build at the Galway Business Centre.”

Wayne Flynn, Tristar Mechanical

“Customized aesthetics are essential to the success of any urban development. Galway has achieved this in its construction by offering businesses the opportunity to design their own sites – an essential selling feature for local and international tenants alike — all while respecting and complementing the surrounding environment.”

Tom Clift, Associate Professor of Marketing at the Memorial University Faculty of Business

“Galway Business Centre really stands out as a place for businesses to operate. It looks like a place that was thoughtfully planned. Features like professional landscaping and large customizable lots are what that business owners want. It’s obvious that the decision-making process of planning for Galway wasn’t budget-driven, but the result of the desire to do something very special.”

Andy Carew, Project Manager at DewCor

State-of-the-art Infrastructure

We have laid the groundwork

Galway is the most significant development of its kind in the Province. With almost 100 million dollars invested to date, we know how important it is to ensure that Galway is built to last. We have achieved this with state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Our expert development team has ensured that the Business Centre can accommodate every client’s needs, using the highest quality building materials and maintaining elevated standards.

However, your building and lot are not the only important elements. We have committed to the creation of a strong network of roads, waterways, sewer and stormwater facilities, electricity, and communications technologies to ensure that everything behind the scenes — and essential to your business — functions perfectly.

Designed To Succeed

The way a business looks is important for its company culture and brand, and how the team, customers, and the public see the business. The Galway Business Centre allows business owners to build from the ground-up — with state-of-the-art infrastructure — and make modifications whenever they like, all while fostering quality.

The Business Centre boasts pristine views of both the surrounding cityscape and the rolling hills of the Avalon. Landscaping, walking trails, wetlands, waterways, and almost800 newly-planted trees speak to the nature enthusiast in us all. The look of your surroundings alone will inspire you.

“In an unprecedented manner, Galway is offering business owners the opportunity to protect their investments and secure the well-being of their businesses with master-planned, state-of-the-art features like thoughtful, restrictive covenants and great highway visibility.”

Tom Clift, Associate Professor of Marketing at the Memorial University Faculty of Business

“One of the main reasons I chose Galway when I made the move to relocate was the attention to detail. The thoughtful design and superior quality of infrastructure are evident everywhere you look. As a business owner, the covenants and master planning mean that any future buildings will retain, or likely increase, the value of my building.”

Wayne Flynn, Tristar Mechanical

“The Galway Business Centre is this region’s foremost development. It’s not just a collection of companies on lots in an industrial park — we’ve built a community people want to visit, work, and do business in. We have taken great pains to ensure a quality, sustainable site that will allow businesses to thrive well into the future.”

Danny Williams, President

“The whole Galway Business Centre is built to last. The quality is second to none. I would know – I helped build it! The roads, the stormwater detention ponds, the walking trails – they all come together to create a very impressive space.”

Andy Carew, Project Manager, DewCor

The Galway Standard

Property Values Protected Galway Business Centre will be a well-planned and maintained business centre. Attractive & Efficient Business Environment Through comprehensive land use, planning, & environmental management standards. Harmonious Relationship Coordination of architecture, landscaping, & signage. Whether purchasing or leasing, companies are required to comply with the Galway Standards which will be monitored by the Galway developer and tailored to suit your business needs.

Building a balanced future

The Galway Business Centre is committed to maintaining the look of the community by keeping it clean, beautiful, and healthy, and updating its modern aesthetic — all while complementing the natural environment and staying true to the look, heritage, and culture of our bustling city.

Built To Last

The infrastructure of the Galway Business Centre is part of a much larger vision: the master-planned community. By being master-planned, the Business Centre is built to last. Knowing that your business is protected by how it was created and what surrounds it will provide peace of mind. You will not have to worry about your investment and whether or not you will find yourself in need of building maintenance due to broken water mains or malfunctioning electricity.

Building at Galway means investing in the future of your business — and you will be in good company. Your neighbours will be like-minded business owners who value quality and your space will represent your business well as a place of value, vision and tenacity.

With so much developable land in a community with such a strong foundation, the Business Centre is becoming a bustling hub for business in Atlantic Canada.

We Aim To Not Just Meet, But To Exceed Your Expectations

With lots that can be customized for your needs, our team will work with you to identify the ideal location to optimize your business opportunities. Your success will be our success.