The New Gateway

The Galway Business Centre is a crown jewel of the master planned community of Galway. Perched atop the city, Galway promises to be a preferred location for businesses and residents alike.

Never before has a vision for a “live, work, play” community been so comprehensively developed in this province. Galway will be a place where people can live among open, green spaces with walking trails and parks. A place where you can grab a coffee in the morning, have lunch at a local café, and enjoy a cocktail on your way home in the evening. All of this just minutes from your doorstep.

Complimenting this residential area will be premiere retail stores and the cornerstone of Galway, Galway Business Centre. Galway will be the most strategic location for businesses to operate, with high visibility from the Trans Canada Highway and easy access for clients.

Galway offers prime real estate for heavy and light industrial users looking to grow or start their business. The Centre welcomes large multinational corporations as well as local businesses operating across a wide range of industrial sectors, particularly companies servicing the oil & gas and mining industries.

With the potential for 5,000 new homes, over 1 million square feet of retail space and up to 150 acres of industrial space, Galway will not just create a new community – Galway will be the future of St. John’s. Innovative, unique and unlike anything this province has ever seen before.